Funeral Service options

Option 1: Direct Burial

Option 2: Direct Burial With Private Family Viewing (ID)

Option 3: Visitation With Funeral Service

What is a visitation with Funeral Service?

A visitation is when the body is laid out in the casket (which may be open or closed) before the funeral service so that guests may come to pay their respects.

Just as important, the visitation can be a time for guests to meet and console each other in a more informal setting than at the funeral. You can schedule a visitation for as little or as much time as you would like. The visitation can be restricted to just close friends and family, or be open to the public. You can even have a combination of private and public hours.

As part of the visitation, you can arrange a formal ceremony, an informal ceremony, or none at all.

A funeral service includes a public visitation of the deceased at our funeral home. Following the visitation will be a service, which is typically held in a church or at our funeral home. After the service an earth (in-the-ground) or above ground (mausoleum) burial of the casketed remains will take place.

Most cemeteries require a minimum grave liner to be used to encase the casket when selecting an earth burial.
A minimum grave liner is constructed of concrete and is designed to hold the weight of the earth. A sealed vault may also be used.

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