Traditional Funeral at Castiglia Funeral Home, Inc.

- Local transfer of remains to funeral home
- Basic services which includes the funeral director, other staff, equipment and facilities to respond to initial request for service, the arrangement conference, securing of necessary authorizations, and coordination of service plans with parties involved in the final disposition of the deceased.
- Embalming, Cosmetology, Dressing and Casketing
- Supervision by Funeral Director and Staff for one day of visitation
- Supervision by Funeral Director and Staff for funeral service
- Use of the facilities for one day of visitation
- Transportation to place of service/cemetery/crematory

Does not include:
- Casket, Outer Interment Receptacle, Urn or Cash Advances, for example:
Clergy Honoraria
Cemetery: grave and/or its opening and closing, mausoleum crypt and/or its entombment fee
Certified death certificate transcripts
Death Notice in newspaper

​With this option, there is a visitation (calling hours) held at our funeral home in advance of the burial.

A visitation is when the body is embalmed and laid out in the casket (which may be open or closed) at the funeral home so that family and friends may pay their respects and say goodbye to the deceased.

Just as important, the visitation can be a time for family and friends to meet and console each other prior to arriving at the church and/or cemetery. You can schedule a visitation for any calling hours that you would like, for example, 2-4 PM, 7-9 PM or 4-8 PM, etc. The visitation can be restricted to just close friends and family, or be open to the public. You can even have a combination of private and public calling hours.

Amenities here at Castiglia Funeral Home, Inc. include:
- Cafe for refreshments
- Complimentary coffee, water and hot chocolate
- Modern audio/visual system
- TV's are mounted throughout the funeral home for photo/video slideshows
- Three operating fireplaces for ambiance
- Ground level entrance
- Casket selection room
- Open floor plan throughout the funeral home
- Large bathrooms
- Handicap accessible

Play the Music Your Loved One Listened to and Enjoyed
Did your loved one listen to a special type of music that represented his or her life?
We have a state-of-the-art audio system that allows us to play any genre of music.